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  • Laura L. 4 years ago
    Martha Stewart magazines always have great ideas, this year there was a "storm chasers" one, a boy was a tornado (with gray tulle and leaves and sticks wrapped around him in a funnel shape) and a girl was the storm chaser with an inside-out umbrella, rain coat and boots and a microphone with letters on it like she was a tv reporter. Great costume for siblings or friends.
  • lisa m. 6 years ago
    I dont persay have a favorite halloween costume to make, but i do know its more fun to make your own rather than spending the ridiculuos amount stores want you to pay for a couple hours. The old school way is the best way to go!!! And we even got more candy back then than kids do today. Halloween is a fun night, but if you ask me, its definately not the same anymore.
  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    Cardboard boxes make space ships, Titanic models, airplanes, tanks....boy costumes! I have grandsons. :-)
  • Nijuana J. 8 years ago
    "Blooming Idiot" costume made from fresh flowers and reused silk flowers.
  • Diane S. 8 years ago
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