Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 3 years ago
    great ideas
  • Kristina A. 5 years ago
    Great ideas!
  • Elisha E. 5 years ago
    I place empty tissue boxes next to our bathroom wastebaskets, to collect empty cardboard TP tubes, and in the laundry room to collect dryer lint & dryer sheets. The tissue boxes full of TP tubes can be recycled, composted, or used in the firepit. The tissue boxes full of lint and/or dryer sheets can be discarded or used in the firepit.
  • John W. 5 years ago
    A cube-shaped tissue box by our recliner and glider serve as waste containers (snack wrappers, tissues, popcorn "old maids"). I removed the plastic under the opening, then cut diagonally into each corner of the top and glued the resulting flaps to the inside so that the top of each box is fully open. The boxes are already nicely decorated, and they get emptied twice a week before trash pickup day.
  • Alice M. 6 years ago
    I used tissue boxes and paper cartons to build a Christmas fireplace decoration for the office.
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