Live Green and Earn Points


  • Rachel M. 5 years ago
    People do forget about reusing things! Glass jars are great storage, and old vases can be painted to match any decor! I use old cans to hold utensils and pens and pencils.
  • Linda R. 6 years ago
    I pledge to do all of these.
  • Joyce H. 6 years ago
    Plastic caps on milk containers, etc. are recyclable. Are any bottle caps (metal type) recyclable? What about plastic caps on water bottles?
  • Karen C. 6 years ago
    I just wish it was easier to find where fo take some of this stuff.
    My county is good,but could be better.
    Living Well Network had a show on their "Deals" segment about
    recycling clothing; & one about leftover gardens.You should check
    them out!
  • Donald S. 6 years ago
    We need to do a better job nationally of disseminating correct information on what is and is not recycleable. My daughter in Green Bay, Wi., an avid recycler, claims that they have been told that #5 plastic is not recycleable. Are window envelopes recycleable as paper? I've tried to get answers from our local administrators with no results.
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