Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    Have seen almost all of the US, by driving. Flying is expensive and when you get there, you have to rent a car. When you fly, you don't get to see this beautiful country. When you drive you can stop whenever or wherever you want to see almost anything. Have been doing this for many years. I think in all of the years we have traveled we've only flown 1 time, because it was way to far to drive, up to the Northern part of Alberta Canada. Then we did a motorhome tour of the parks for 2 weeks, It was so much fun and got to see parts of their beautiful country.
  • gin b. 8 years ago
    great article
  • James K. 9 years ago
    I especially like #6. I have used cinnamon candy in the past to help me stay awake. Now it will be oranges. Thanks
  • Rose D. 9 years ago
    I do most of my reading on my kindle which has reduced the amount of magazines and books I used to get. I also plan my trips around town to reduce fuel ussage.
  • RENEE A. 9 years ago
    I always try to be around major cities early in the a.m., like 4:30 a.m. and breeze through, then stop before rush hour at the next major city and avoid that, and again, start up early in the a.m.! Easy if you plan it out right.
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