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6 Ways To Reuse Orange Rinds

By CanarsieBK |
Recently, Sebrina wrote about amazing uses for lemons beyond eating. That got me thinking about another citrus fruit, the orange.

Attribution: via Darwin Bell on Flickr

Recently, Sebrina wrote about amazing uses for lemon beyond eating. That got me thinking about another citrus fruit, the orange, and what its rind can be used for once it's peeled away.

Air Freshener

You can get that fresh orangey smell in your home without using any harmful sprays by either boiling up your orange rinds or putting them into your dehydrator. Your room will be immersed in the wonderful orange smells and you won't have to worry about breathing in any toxic fumes.

Odor Neutralizer
After you are done dehydrating your orange rinds as an air freshener, put them in a cotton bag and hang them in a spot to help neutralize odors. The bathroom is a prime location for this.

Glass Cleaner
You can boil up the orange rinds and use the boiled water to wash your mirrors. This is more friendly smelling glass cleaner than using straight vinegar.

Facial Cleanser

Before you go to bed at night take an orange peel and wipe down your face. Let it site for 15 minutes, then rinse off It'll help to bring out the glow in your skin and keep it nice and clean.

Soften Brown Sugar
If your brown sugar has gotten hard and grainy, put some cut up orange peels to help soften it up. The moisture from the peel will help to bring the sugar or any other dried herbs back to life.

Compost It
Toss that orange peel into your compost bin. Give that rind a second life of helping to beautify your houseplants or garden.

According to the NYC Compost Project , in NYC alone, "“The average New York City household discards two pounds of organic waste each day—adding up to more than one million tons of organic material a year." Imagine what the number is nationwide.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can reuse an orange rind. You can also use it for more than one usage. The same rind can be used as an air freshener, odor neutralizer, glass cleaner and then tossed into your compost.

What are some other ways that you can reuse orange rinds?

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  • Amanda L. 6 years ago
    I was going to say put them in the garbage disposal to freshen it up, but Lisa H already stated that one. Same with all citrus peels. You can also make dondurma, a middle-eastern ice treat. Zest an orange peel into a pan that has 2 cups water, 2 cups orange juice and a couple of tablespoons sugar (or to taste). Bring to a boil. Pour into either popsicle containers or a baking pan. Put in the freezer. If you aren't making popsicles, stir the liquid every now and then while it freezes to make shaved ice or let it freeze and use a metal spoon to scrape layers of ice into dessert cups.
  • james w. 6 years ago
    your ideas for using orange rinds are great..liked them all but best for me were,,the bathroom one and the brown suger one// I also use grated orange rinds in some of the cakes and frostings I make I also use bananna peels in my roses..of course all the balance of these go into my compost pile. keep those ideas comming..jw
  • laurie j. 6 years ago
    place orange rinds in sweaty shoes to remove oders.
  • Maria C. 6 years ago
    I put mine in my disposal too. I always forget to dehydrate them and make potpourri.
  • Stacey M. 6 years ago
    being in FL, this is valuable information!!
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