Live Green and Earn Points


  • Wayne and Kelly S. 9 years ago

  • Barbara L. 9 years ago
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  • Dianne S. 9 years ago
    After a while, recycling anywhere and everywhere becomes second nature. Keep a container for things you can reuse later (milk cartons in the garden, glass, etc) Take tyour own sheets, towels, and alcohol wipes to disinfect phones, door and tub/bath handles, remote controls, lamp and light switches--the things that are seldom cleaned. Ask for clean blankets and remove bed spreads. A little off the subject, but you'll leave things cleaner than when you arrived and healthy enough to recycle. Pick up trash you see, even it it's not your own. We carry a "gopher" that we keep in a sack and disinfect after using, to pick up litter. Saves the environment and tax dollars. Again, easy and fun pIt stop activity that helps the Earth!