Live Green and Earn Points


  • joanna l. 3 months ago
    The sharing depot is a great idea , especially if you live close to family members, you can share stuff like large roasting pans, snow blowers ...
  • John S. 3 months ago
    Just don't wear clothing
  • Janet I. 3 months ago
    Ideas to live by! Thanks as I am finally moving into my own home and can start doing a lot more to save our planet..
  • Shirley B. 3 months ago
    Our senior center has "free table" where people can bring usable items which anyone who wishes can take. Also, I scout it regularly for material that anyone brings in and take it to a quilting group who make quilts for overseas.
    • joanna l. 3 months ago
      I love the idea of the "free table" In my moms senior apartment building, anything that you left in the lobby found a new home.
    • joanna l. 3 months ago
      Oh and another cool part of that? I didn't use any extra gas to get it there!
  • Robyn R. 4 months ago
    If only I could afford $200 dresses, I could shop Christy Dawn. Sheesh....they look like they stuff I get at the thrift store.
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