Live Green and Earn Points


  • Dorothy W. 6 years ago
    #4 - Catch the cold water -- I've been doing that for years and use the water for my plants, outdoor fountain, pet water bowls, etc. My water bill is always under $15.
  • mary B. 6 years ago
    Turn the water on,get wet,turn water off,soap down,face first,feet last(remember keep eyes closed)turn water on,rinse,done.
  • Shalee R. 8 years ago
    like the shorter shower idea and we save $ that way cause were on propane
  • Susan S. 8 years ago
    I shower every other day, time my shower and turn off the water when shampooing, conditioning and shaving.
  • Judy J. 8 years ago
    I get wet , turn off the water and then I soap up all over and then turn the water back on to rinse off.
    I like the idea of saving the cold water in a bucket for plants etc.
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