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5 Unique Gifts Eco-friendly Fathers Will Love

By Recyclebank |

Find the father in your life a gift that he’ll love while at the same time, supporting sustainable production practices.


Let’s face it: There’s a lot of junk sold in the name of holidays in the US. Father’s Day is no exception. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This year, don’t contribute to the waste! Find the father in your life a gift that he’ll love, while at the same time supporting sustainable production practices.


Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly gifts to inspire you. Whether your dad is leading the charge for sustainable living or he needs a little encouragement via an awesome and eco-conscious product, these great gifts are a win-win for you and the environment.


1. Fielder’s Choice Wallets





In America, we play a lot of baseball, but have you ever wondered where all those baseball mitts end up after they’ve been worn out? Turns out a clever company has been reviving these much-loved items into quality leather goods with a genuine story.


2. Solid-Wood Succulent Planter





For the green-thumbed dad with a sense of style, these handsome succulent planters will look fabulous at home or in an office. On top of being beautiful, they are handcrafted in Uganda by artisans in a fair-trade cooperative, which replants trees to replenish the resource they are using for their livelihood. That’s something to support!


3. Merkur Safety Razors





Safety razors are a must for the dad who loves a close shave but hates cheap throw-away products like those plastic razors that last only a few times before going to the trash. Help your dad get back to the days of quality craftsmanship with products that were meant to last a lifetime.


4. Nudie Jeans





Nudie Jeans is one of a new flock of clothing companies that are raising the bar for what we can all expect from fashion. The jeans are made with 100 percent organic fair-trade cotton, and the company is committed to paying their production workers living wages based on where those workers live. They are transparent about their production practices as well. On top of that, they have a free repair service for their products, they take back and resell second-hand jeans, and they also recycle worn-out denim! This is an eco-conscious dad’s super brand!


5. Build Your Own Bamboo Bike





For the dad that loves a good project, consider this build-it-yourself bicycle frame made from renewable bamboo! The kit comes with everything you need (plus instructions!) to build a variety of different bike frame styles.


Alternatively, you could make something from materials you already have, and make your Father’s Day gift into a fun project for the kids to share with their dad. Check out some of our DIY project ideas here!






What are you getting for the eco-conscious father in your life? Share your ideas in the comments!

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