Live Green and Earn Points


  • richard g. 8 years ago
    i don't do the cooking but i'll mention it to people i celebrate with [ holiday is couple more days 'i best be getting on' ].
  • Donna E. 8 years ago
    I will stop and think next time I think about purchasing cut flowers
  • lisa p. 8 years ago
    I make my own desserts using local ingredients from farmers markets and avoid corn sryup or can sugar. I also make fresher , healthier versions of the traditional side dishes that use fewer processed foods suc as my fresh green bean casserole which uses fresh msuhroons and not canned soup as well as freshly sauteed onions instead of those french fried monstrosities
  • Wayne L. 8 years ago
    if you cook for others they save in expenses and energy consumption and thats very green...LOL
  • Terri H. 8 years ago
    good advise, i always learn something new
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