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5 Secretly Green Gifts

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These subtly eco-friendly gifts will feel good to give and receive.

This is the fourth of five articles in our 2013 Holiday Shopping series. Keep looking for these posts to learn how to make gift shopping easier on yourself and the environment!

As you’re doing your holiday shopping, it’s easy to give just about everything you gift a green twist, without being overly pushy about your interest in the environment. To wit: Aunt Eunice might not be too keen on unwrapping a composter, but she’d probably appreciate a gorgeous scarf made of organic cotton.

We’ve got a few “secretly green” gift ideas (or idea starters) for everyone on your list:

Secretly Green Gift: SodaStream Soda Maker

Who It’s For: Your health-conscious sister and her teenaged kids

Why It’s Green: This gadget, powered by reusable CO2 cartridges, turns plain tap water into soda water right in reusable, BPA-free bottles. It’s eco-friendly on so many levels, from reducing the resources wasted transporting bottled sodas, to using natural ingredients rather than chemicals to flavor the soda water, to reusing the included bottles again and again. Even the cartridges get refilled and reused when you swap the empty ones for new.

Secretly Green Gift: Silver or Gold Initial Pendant

Who It’s For: Your wife or mother

Why It’s Green: Brilliant Earth uses recycled gold, which helps limit destructive and polluting mining practices. The company also uses eco-friendly packaging and donates a percentage of its profits to social and environmental causes.

Secretly Green Gift: Sonic Fabric Necktie

Who It’s For: Your music-obsessed husband

Why It’s Green: Talk about clever recycling — these ties are made from the tape from audiocassettes, and will actually emit sound if you run a tape head over them (the website has an instructional video of how to build your own sonic fabric reader from an old Walkman.

Secretly Green Gift: Root Organic Liqueur

Who It’s For: Your favorite happy-hour companion

Why It’s Green: Based on a colonial elixir made from sarsaparilla, birch bark and other roots, Root is distilled from organic ingredients. This unusual liqueur can be served neat or mixed into cocktails.

Secretly Green Gift: Eco-Kids Art Supplies

Who It’s For: Your crafty kids

Why It’s Green: Play clay, paints, crayons and other art supplies are made with all-natural ingredients like flour, vegetables, fruits and soy wax.

What are some of your favorite green gifts to give? Share in the comments below!

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  • Han H. 4 years ago
    Thats so neat !
  • joanna l. 4 years ago
    Something edible from the supermarket would be green. I'm thinking of sustainable gourmet coffees or chocolates. And another great part about this is that you haven't wasted any extra gasoline as you were shopping anyway!