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5 Items Made from Recycled Baseball Bats

By Trish Broome |
Discover a few cool ways to turn broken and busted baseball bats into something useful…like a table!

Discover a few cool ways to turn broken and busted baseball bats into something useful…like a table!

It’s currently baseball season, and although I’m not happy about the Yankees being in first place for the American league, I still wouldn’t pass up the chance to see a live game. There’s something special about going to a baseball stadium, eating a hot dog and hearing the crack of a baseball bat as a player hits a home run. And speaking of baseball bats…

I got to thinking about what happens to baseball bats once they’re too worn out, cracked or broken to use.  Most people don’t realize that wooden and aluminum bats are recyclable, so these bats usually wind up in a local landfill.  Instead of throwing away these products of “America’s favorite pastime,” here are some creative ways to recycle them into new and useful items.

1. Kattobashi Baseball Bat Chopsticks


These chopsticks are made from bats that have broken during Japanese baseball games.  They can be individually embedded with a team’s name, logo and official colors.

2. Rerun Productions Recycled Baseball Bat Lamp


This fully functional lamp is made from a polished metal baseball bat.  Other recycled elements on the lamp include piano string, cork screws and a hubcap base.

3. Baseball Bat Rocker


This awesome rocking chair is made from reclaimed baseball bats and unfinished cedar from Oregon.

4. Salvaged Baseball Bat Bottle Opener


This bottle opener is made from a game-used baseball bat.

5. Baseball Bat Table

Learn how to make your own baseball bat table at HGTV.

It’s good to know that retired baseball bats are being reused in clever and creative ways.  I’d much rather see them become artsy pieces of furniture than have them thrown into the trash.  More trash in a landfill is a definitely a strikeout for the planet.

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