Live Green and Earn Points


  • Tiffany M. 9 months ago
    Love all of this !
  • Heather B. 2 years ago
    Too many recycling bins are not labeled clearly with what can go in them and what can’t. It would be great if a graphic designer could get on this and make sure all institutions, businesses, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. created easy to read, fool-proof guidelines prominently part of all recycling bin setups. Very few places label what can and can’’t go in their recycle bins, how much food waste is allowed on it, etc. Think of how much education we get from recyclebank here, and then imagine the average person meets up with a recycle bin in a cafeteria somewhere and it can be so unclear what’s allowed.
  • Amanda M. 2 years ago
    Excel Academy turning the campaign signs into recycle bins is creative upcycling.
  • Patricia G. 2 years ago
    We don't use water bottles. We use tupperware glasses (they are from my grandmother I think) and glasses and water straight from the tap. Our water company has won awards for great water so we use it. Pitchers full of it in the fridge with cucumber, or fruits and berries sitting in the fridge begging to be drank. We have our own garden and the kids love helping me in it.
  • Esther P. 2 years ago
    Donated to the Paul L. Dunbar School at Temple University.
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