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  • John D. 6 years ago
    Therein lies the problem, especially for me. Being a single dude and my city uses these giant wheeled carts that mine takes me 3 months to fill (and I have difficult access moving it in and out of my garage), the stuff needs to be fairly clean or it'll attract roaches and/or smell nasty. So some things require too much of 'my own' natural resources to recycle. This illuminates to me why some folks just don't bother (although they could do some recycling).
    Makes me miss when my city used the hand carry tubs like pictured above.
    • Donna D. 6 years ago
      I have the same problem with the large bins. But you don't have to fill the bin before taking it to the curb. I take mine out every other week, or at least once a month.
    • John D. 6 years ago
      "(and I have difficult access moving it in and out of my garage)"
    • John D. 6 years ago
      P.S. The milk jugs are the worst, the smell gets embedded in the plastic despite aggressive rinsing and even soaking. So since they're so infrequent for me I sneak them out into my neighbor's bin the night before pick-up (I don't think they care if that's all it is as we're a close-knit cul de sac).
  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    water is too precious to use the way that would be ideal for recycling. Something to consider.
    • Steven S. 6 years ago
      Any recyclable that needs to washed sits my sink. When I wash my dishes, the soapy water is reused to wash out the recyclable. No extra water or soap needed. Just a little elbow grease and the recyclable is clean.
  • Regina H. 6 years ago
    love reading all the different ways to recycle
  • Gina L. 6 years ago
    Those grease spots may be more to take care of with all the washing and extras than worth the recycle. It would do a great deal of good to find easy, cheap, affect ways to clean before tossing.
  • Jose T. 6 years ago
    Glad i clicked on the link to read a bit more. We need to have more compost piles, because if food stained containers go to the landfill than hat is only adding to the problem.
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