Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    All my kids know most of the things to recycle. They love putting them in the recycling bin themselves.
  • Kim T. 10 years ago
    Parents way of doing things influence greatly on children. When I start having a family and home I don't know how to do kitchen stuff and cleaning up. These always remind me of my parents and how they did them. I use shopping bags for my trash cans just like my mom did. And things that don't require new, I buy them at thrift store such as trash cans and garden tools.
  • Dan A. 10 years ago
    it is a good thing to do
  • desiree d. 10 years ago
    i collect bottles from my office.
  • wayne-julie G. 10 years ago
    We take the microwaveable bowls that mac n cheese and mash potatoes come in,and we use them as cereal bowls for the kids,also when its cold out you can micro wave some oatmeal or othr hot cereal.
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