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5 Environmental Charities to Support

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Donate to an environmental cause that’s close to your heart.

As the year draws to an end, it’s always nice to spread the holiday cheer by making a charitable donation to a cause in which you believe. A cash donation can entitle you to a deduction on your income tax, so before the year’s end is a good time to make a contribution.

With so many causes vying for your attention — and your dollars — how do you choose? Think of what interests you, and what’s near and dear to your heart. Chances are there’s a cause that fits the bill. To get you started, here are five charities that are worthy of your contribution, each focusing on a different environmental aspect.

  1. Oceana - Oceana is the largest international organization that focuses solely on ocean conservation. It helps protect marine animals and environments from damage due to fishing and aquaculture, works to stop pollution, and aims to stop offshore drilling.
  2. American Farmland Trust - If you’re concerned about the shrinking amount of farmland in the U.S., American Farmland Trust might be a good candidate for your donation dollars. The organization is working to protect farmland, improve the environment through better agricultural practices, and support family farmers.
  3. Alliance to Save Energy - Those who dream of a future in which we’re less dependent on fossil fuels and imported energy will want to help the ASE with its cause. This group is working towards energy-efficient products, industry, and services that will improve the environment and save money and resources.
  4. Environmental Defense Fund - This group takes a broad approach to environmental issues, focusing on climate and energy, oceans, protecting ecosystems, and health issues such as air quality and toxic chemicals. Past accomplishments have ranged from helping McDonald’s restaurants use more environmentally responsible packaging and reduce waste by 30 percent, to making red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico more sustainable.
  5. Global Green USA - Global Green USA is the American arm of the organization founded by USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, Green Cross International. The organization is working towards a sustainable future through recycling, clean energy, green buildings, weapons elimination, and more.

What green charity will you donate to this year?

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  • Abraham B. 4 days ago
    EDF is one of the "5 Environmental Charities to Support." When I clicked on EDF on that page, I was sent to a page collecting money. How do I contribute points? And how much is, say, 100 points worth in cash? Shouldn't the "exchange rate" be on the "5 charities" page?
  • Judith M. 1 year ago
    I've always donated my points to Habitat for Humanity - now I can't find it on the site to do that - ???