Live Green and Earn Points


  • Abraham B. 3 years ago
    EDF is one of the "5 Environmental Charities to Support." When I clicked on EDF on that page, I was sent to a page collecting money. How do I contribute points? And how much is, say, 100 points worth in cash? Shouldn't the "exchange rate" be on the "5 charities" page?
    • Lori J Lori J. 3 years ago
      I'm wondering the same thing. It seems to imply that points will be turned into cash and donated to a charity, but they are only asking for money.
  • Judith M. 4 years ago
    I've always donated my points to Habitat for Humanity - now I can't find it on the site to do that - ???
    • Lori J Lori J. 3 years ago
      Well, it's nice to know that, at least a year ago, this site was donating points for charities, however, something seems to have changed. ANd I also notice that no one on this site has responded to any of these posts.