Live Green and Earn Points


  • Leah B. 8 years ago
    Great article! I saw that has biodegradable loose fill, which after a move would be great for supplementing soil in potted plants. Thanks for the insight!
  • Claire G. 8 years ago
    Love this article it's Fun!! Also make bracelets, pins, crush them, gluetheminto pretty shapes, make pictures, and give as gifts, glue them on pots! Oh make painted shapes, by dipping them in paint, stencil.
  • Joyce P. 8 years ago
    Call your local elementary teachers will often love receiving donations of packing peanuts because there are many crafts they can use them well as helping protect breakable crafts made by kids.
  • Linda S. 8 years ago
    Will reuse or recycle the peanuts
  • Cinda G. 8 years ago
    I am closing down my Coaching practice. Every client file that I shred becomes paper packing for moving fragile items to the new location.
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