Live Green and Earn Points


  • Twyila S. 9 months ago
    I Love the Goodwill❗️
  • Trev A. 5 years ago
    Thanks !
  • Tammy B. 5 years ago
    Braided T-shirts make great dog toys .for yours or those at a shelter. A tweed blazer from Goodwill can be cut into dozens of cat toy mice and stuffed with catnip. Two jean's pockets sewn together make a great teen gift card holder. I've just learned to knit and am collecting t-shirts to make my own yarn and bathroom rug.
  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    Granddaughter & friends love Goodwill. She'll buy v-necked mens sweaters & I'll cut them down the front, but binding on the edges and make cardigans. They usually sell for about $2, that is so much cheaper than new store bought sweaters, and she said they have so many colors too. I also alter a lot of the clothes she get at Goodwill too.
  • Anita N. 8 years ago
    Very wise..waste not want not !
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