Live Green and Earn Points


  • Janet J. 4 years ago
    Four generations spent the day together laughing, eating and reminiscing. Such a wonderful day-granddaughter made her Mom a huge card out of cardboard and gave 6 reasons why she loved her so much; another one made bath scrubs and lotion; we checked on the garden and ate the tomatoes that had grown. All in all a wonderful day for everyone.
  • Christine N. 4 years ago
    Go on a bike ride together - it's enough for me.
  • Jo A. 8 years ago
    Plants are always put on graves in the cemetery. When they clean the place up, they toss out the containers. My brother & I go over there & get the bulbs that have been tossed out. That's recycling too & my yard gets new flowers that I didn't have to pay for.
  • James M. 8 years ago
    If you are a grown child, your parents/aunt/uncles have most everything they need. You might give them the option of a charitable gift to the charity of their coice - in their name, opf corse
  • sheila p. 8 years ago
    make everything homemade
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