Live Green and Earn Points


  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    try GREAT resource.
  • barb c. 8 years ago
    good information
  • Ed J. 8 years ago
    Just a comment here about the recycling of older smart phones in the "quiz" on another page of this site. I noticed that none of the options as to how to "dispose" of the phone were the option to donate the phone to homeless shelters, women's shelters, libraries that distribute to the aforementioned, etc. For many, the smart phone is a luxury they could never afford. Donate your phone and consider paying for someone to use it. It's a commitment for sure, but you'll feel tremendous and you'll be helping someone who may desperately need the phone for themselves and/or their children.
  • Dorene S. 8 years ago
    I will do all. I love being thrifty!
  • james and Ella Mae j. 8 years ago
    i pledge
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