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5 Swim Season Switches

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These eco-friendly swaps make for a more sustainable trip to the lake, ocean, pool, or wherever else you might go to cool down!

Between moving to the hot, muggy Southeast and having children, I find myself spending a lot of time at the pool and the beach. And after awhile I found myself getting into a rut: Buying cheap plastic beach toys at the drugstore, stocking up on packaging-heavy, individually-wrapped snacks and juice boxes for the kids, choosing the cheapest sunscreen without checking the label for environmentally-questionable chemicals… the list goes on!

This summer, however, I’ve decided to overhaul my family’s swimming routine to make it a little more considerate of the environment, not to mention of our own personal health. Want to join me in making swimming season more eco-friendly? Here are some tips:

  1. Shop for eco-friendly sunscreen. The news surrounding sunscreens can be confusing and troubling when it comes to your health — for instance, some sunscreen ingredients contain a form of Vitamin A (look for retinal palmitate on the label) that some scientists say can lead to skin tumors and lesions when used in sunlight, while other ingredients can cause still more damage when absorbed into the skin — and what’s more, the runoff from chemical sunscreens has been known to harm marine life, too. The best bet? Take a look at the Environmental Working Group’s annual sunscreen guide and choose one with a review that makes you most comfortable.
  2. Pack smarter snacks. Pack your snacks or lunch in lightweight, reusable plastic containers so that you won’t have a lot of trash. We like cubed watermelon with a squeeze of lime, whole apples, popcorn, and almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Toting adult beverages? Opt for canned beer: The aluminum in cans is more easily recyclable and helps reduce fuel used during shipping, as it’s lightweight and more compact (so more can go at once!). Plus, most beaches and pools frown on glass containers.
  3. Green your beach toys. I stopped buying the cheap beach toys for my kids when I watched the handles of the pails fall off within minutes of hitting the beach, and the flimsy shovels buckle under a particularly heavy scoop of sand. Instead, I seek out recycled plastic or biodegradable toys, such as those from Zoe B Organic, which are made of corn-derived plastic and are biodegradable.
  4. Seek out responsible beachwear. Proper Green had some great tips recently on shopping for an eco-friendly swimsuit. The company Ecoswim, for instance, uses recycled materials like plastic bottles and nylon from industrial waste to make its fabric. The company also donates a portion of each sale to environmental causes.

    And consider an upcycling project! You can use an old T-shirt or a men’s dress shirt to make yourself (or your kids) a swimsuit cover-up.
  5. Invest in a drying rack for suits and towels. I used to throw all the wet towels right into the dryer when we got home from the pool, but then I’d inevitably feel guilty about running the energy-hogging appliance so many times a week. This year, I’ve invested in a clothes-drying rack (in sustainable bamboo!) so that damp suits, towels and cover-ups can air-dry.

How do you make your trips to the beach or pool greener? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Jessica Harlan

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Jessica Harlan

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  • NAncy Lee B. 1 year ago
    I also look for leaping bunny certified products like sunscreens/bug repellants if they don't test on animals they generally have a more natural safe base so I consider it win win
  • jessica s. 2 years ago
    We just use old margarine bowls, yogurt cups, an old spoon, etc for beach toys, we don't ever buy any. You can make a pretty epic sand castle with plastic food containers to shape the mud!
  • Gina L. 2 years ago
    I have only ever used dryer racks for clothing I thought may shrink. I will do more laundry on racks. Too bad we don't have the clean, fresh air of our childhood. I remember my mother loving the outdoor clothes line in the summer.
  • Ruth C. 2 years ago
    You put dirt towels in your dryer? Yaa good to stop that. Dry all wash on a line if you put shirts and dress on hangers first you won't need to iron them.
  • Shalee R. 4 years ago
    good ideas
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