Live Green and Earn Points


  • P b. 5 years ago
    You can cut a milk jug, bleach bottle or juice bottle with a handle into a scoop. You can find directions online.
  • Robin M. 7 years ago
    All these individual-sized containers drive me batty; having said that, sometimes there's no other option. For instance Crystal Light/store brand versions. I have used them for an impromptu eyeglass case, bobbypins, jewelry...whatever! Decorate them with scrapbooking paper.
  • Olivia K. 8 years ago
    I use plastic containers (the kind used fo cold cuts) all the time - I'll cook extra hamburger, and store it in the freezer or frig - meat is already cooked for tacos or other dishes - also, use them for left over cooked chicken for other dishes during the week - saves a cooking step and recycling plastic container, too.

  • Ruby R. 8 years ago
    The plastic butter containers are very useful to store leftovers.
  • Aide T. 8 years ago
    I always reuse those lunch meat containers for my leftovers. They are the perfect size.
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