Live Green and Earn Points


  • June S. 3 years ago
    I recycle most of my plastic. Some plastic that I reuse are plastic containers that takeout/delivery food is packaged in. I wash those out and save them to use at Easter and Christmas. I like to make cookies and candy, and the takeout food containers come in handy for gifting friends and family with my homemade goodies. I also wash out and reuse small containers that things like dressings come in; I use them to hold small amounts of paint when I am feeling artistic. They can be washed and reused numerous times.
  • Lois H. 6 years ago
    Stop the bottled water consumption
  • Hillary W. 7 years ago
    Here in NYC I'm proud to say that we recycle most types of plastic, however, for some reason there are no recycling pick-ups in the poorer areas of the city. Why is that?
  • Linda R. 7 years ago
    I generally recycle plastic bottles. I minimize my purchase of bottled water by using aluminum bottles designed for carrying water - that's better for the environment!!!
  • Amy P. 8 years ago
    We recycle and reuse.
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