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  • Kerry K. 5 years ago
    I put aloe leaf gel over my hair conditioner. It works great, you just leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.
  • Mary S. 6 years ago
    Nature provides us with many remedies for the taking.
  • Elsie G. 6 years ago
    If you grow Aloe or mint, or any plant that will be ingested or put on skin, does it need soil other than the ones sold in stores. I read some of the ingredients on the bags and I get alarmed about eating the mint and cilantro I have growing on my window sill. The warnings on the bags say that the soil should only be handled while wearing gloves, that it contains certain toxic ingredients, etc. What type of soil is best for plants that one will eat or apply to the skin?
  • Julie W. 6 years ago
    Great info about the spider and areca plant. Thanks for posting.
  • Heidi W. 6 years ago
    Love it! Have a few house plants already and I'm transplanting some spider plants from outside to inside this week.
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