Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bobbi S. 2 years ago
    Ger creative with leftover--even a small amount that might not look worth saving can often be reused as an ingredient or topping for another recipe, i.e. leftover chicken and rice going into a soup.
    • Shelly T. 2 years ago
      Exactly!! This is what I do in my household and our food waste has decreased greatly since implementing this in our household.
  • jean s. 2 years ago
    a year
  • Donna L. 3 years ago
    eat leftovers, no wasting
  • Joy H. 3 years ago
    I use those green boxes that extend the life of produce and food. They really work and have saved me so much money.
  • Beverly N. 5 years ago
    We always freeze leftovers in lunch plates for meals to reheat.
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