Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bobbi S. 6 years ago
    Ger creative with leftover--even a small amount that might not look worth saving can often be reused as an ingredient or topping for another recipe, i.e. leftover chicken and rice going into a soup.
    • Shelly S. 5 years ago
      Exactly!! This is what I do in my household and our food waste has decreased greatly since implementing this in our household.
    • Bev B. 3 years ago
      Keep adding little bits to container in freezer then turn it into soup at end of week. Also cook double batch of rice for intentional leftover cuz fried rice is better with day old rice and add the freezer bowl of weeks leftover bits and pieces.
  • jean s. 6 years ago
    a year
  • Donna L. 6 years ago
    eat leftovers, no wasting
  • Joy H. 7 years ago
    I use those green boxes that extend the life of produce and food. They really work and have saved me so much money.
  • Beverly N. 8 years ago
    We always freeze leftovers in lunch plates for meals to reheat.
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