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  • erica m. 4 years ago
    Instant Pot is faster... more efficient than slow cooker?
  • Cindy W. 4 years ago
    We live in an old Victorian home that has a hot water heating system. There is an attic fan in the center of the attic floor. When it gets extremely hot we use the fan in the evening to take out the hot air and bring in the cooler evening air. It keeps the house cool all day. It is a lot cheaper than an air conditioner.
    • Emily E. 2 years ago
      You must not live in the south! Very, very hot!
    • Cindy W. 2 years ago
      No. I live in Northern Indiana. Our weather is totally unpredictable. Last couple weeks have been in the 80's to mostly upper 90's. If the evenings cool down to low 80's - upper 70's, the attic fan will pull the hot air from the house and force the cooler air inside. The house is insulated that it keeps the air cool for the day.
  • Lou Ann S. 4 years ago
    Use cotton handkerchiefs instead of tissues! Plain (not fancy lace) vintage ones in great condition are not expensive, and they are much softer on the nose than disposable tissues. I have a collection of a couple dozen folded up in a small tissue dispenser for easy access. Sanitizing them is easy with a hot water wash and a little bleach if desired.
  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    In some cities, electricity costs LESS after 9 PM. I use a timer on my slow cooker and do the serious slow cooking at night. Another option is to do prep for at least 5 different meals using the same type of meat or fish on one day, then vacuum seal them, freeze them, and take them out so you can cook them in the slow cooker later. Saves time and wastes less food. I also do overnight breakfasts in the slow cooker.
  • lisa m. 6 years ago
    waiting to turn the heat on as long as possible. Let the sun shine in for warmth. Everyone complains how hot it is in summer, so let the cool crisp air refresh us for awhile and deal with it!!!!
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