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  • Amy H. 7 years ago
    I am a crafter (or a collector of craft materials, haha), the Reusable Tote Bags have been great for storing some of my collected craft supplies. I put 550 Paracord in some of them, Pencil Boxes or Reusable Plastic Containers of Beading supplies in others, Quilting Fabric uses a few of them, and Yarn finds a home in some of them too. Then I label the bags with a Sharpie and stack them on shelving. It keeps each type of craft organized better.
  • randy f. 7 years ago
    ☂ In my opinion, the 'fabric' used for "reusable totes" toted at most stores is like high quality, completely perforated, paper toweling; needing to be replaced monthly +/- so we just invest in canvas bags that DON'T rip under a few pounds' pressure! The money (and materials/ carbon footprint etc.) saved makes it acceptable to buy the upscaL.L. Bags with the monogram. Plus they're waterproof. ☂
    • randy f. 5 years ago
      ☂Grocery Bags: Re-Reading this a year later I see I might have conveyed the opposite or a confusing statement - depending how you read the above. "Glorified paper toweling" might be better wording since they are undependable, a real gamble, and have a short life cycle for grocery hauling. We could never again trust them with glass jars or cans - crackers & cheese maybe. ☂
    • Michael M. 5 years ago
      I use envirosax for the same reason. I like that I can fill them with canned goods or a turkey and still throw them over my shoulder knowing it wont break at the seams.
  • Paula L. 8 years ago
    I use colorful reusable shopping bags as gift wrap. This year I got beautiful large bags from TJ Maxx for just $1 each. For smaller gifts I use cotton dishcloths from the dollar store.
  • Kelly F. 8 years ago
    Plastic grocery/drugstore bags make ideal garbage bags (instead of buying garbage bags; they are ALSO made of plastic but at least with the grocery bags you're getting another use out of them) and the clothing/accessory/soap bags (the paper tote ones like you get at Sabon, The Body Shop, Bath&Body Works, Victoria's Secret, etc) can be reused as gift bags.
  • Theresa G. 8 years ago
    I donate any plastic bags I may get to the food pantry. I have my own reuseable grocery bags.
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