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4 Recycled Pet Feeders For Your Pooch

By Trish Smith |
Make Mealtime Fun for Your Dog with a Recycled Pet Feeder
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For most dog owners, including myself, your pet dog is just like your very own child…only hairier with a bit more drool. You want to give your dog all the love and attention that he or she deserves, and you definitely want to make sure that they are happy. Happiness for dogs usually includes getting their belly rubbed, eating food, playing catch, snuggling with you under the covers and eating more food.

Just like parents buy their kids cute SpongeBob Squarepants bowls or Hello Kitty utensils to keep their playful minds entertained while they eat, dog owners can also buy their “kids” cool objects to help them gulp down their favorite brand of dog food.

Take for example a pet feeder, which is used to hold a dog’s dishes. It is usually a bland-looking plastic or metal apparatus, but I’ve come across some amazingly cool pet feeders that may just make your pets enjoy their meal a little bit more.

Besides looking very cool, they’re also made from recycled materials! So check out these 4 recycled pet feeders that may just add some “flavor” to your dog’s food:

Recycled Metal Pet Feeder and Sculpture
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Talk about metal mania! This recycled metal pet feeder from is handmade from recycled and scrap metal parts and is a great way to decorate any indoor or outdoor area.

Wine Barrel Feeder
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This raised pet feeder from is made from an authentic recycled white oak wine barrel.

Whiner and Diner Eco-Friendly Elevated Pet Feeder
recycled pet products
Created by a French artist and an accomplished carpenter, these elevated pet feeders are made from authentic European, Californian and Chilean wooden wine crates! Offered on

Recycled Feeder
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These cute pet feeders from are made from recycled polyethylene plastic and feature a cut out paw print on the front.

See, your dogs can have fun munching their food and you can feel good that you did your part to protect the planet with these recycled pet feeders!

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