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  • John D. 10 months ago
    Looks like the Question of the Day went into self-isolation.
    • Barbara W. 9 months ago
      it was about this same time last year that we lost Ben. Ben put on a bunch of stuff for Earth day /month. ( Like 500 Bonus points worth !) He use to answer questions and played an active part of our experiences here. I miss him!
      I think they went thur a couple of temp people, then landed someone with different terms. So where are we now besides lost?
    • John D. 9 months ago
      Headquarters is in NY.
    • Barbara W. 9 months ago
    • Barbara W. 9 months ago
      and since we have been advised of nothing, the mask is ON also.
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    A plug for the mag "REAL SIMPLE" my brother and sister-inlaw really liked it last year. Then it was gone , BUT now back, so I am sending it to my sister this time ( the points are a lot more this time thou) Its for the crafty person, makes a nice small gift. I regularly check to see if they added some new ones...recently they have, so check it out!
  • Steven S. 10 months ago
    The same story as yesterday and question of the day page 404 error. It's gone.
    • Barbara W. 10 months ago
      I did not even get a 404 error...just not there! Maybe the person taking care of it is now unemployed? cuts ,cuts. The question of the Day was my favorite thing. Darn!
  • tommy b. 10 months ago
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    4-23-20 so what happened to the question of the day?
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