Live Green and Earn Points


  • John D. 5 months ago
    No I clean what I gotta clean. But no water running while scrubbing, otherwise that's the real waste.
  • Barbara W. 5 months ago
    #4 unplug Electronics or other items not in use. If a thunderstorm comes up make sure to double-check that things are off, electricity will run through the lines and fry ! In a Tornado get in a closet in the middle of the house or go to a storm shelter/root cellar. Oklahoma has great weather staff, they will tell you what time it's coming your way & to take cover! KEEP AWAY from windows/glass. We often call our Texas friends to warn them.
  • Carrie P. 5 months ago
    Short shower playlist is a great idea! How about a one-song shower?
  • Barbara W. 5 months ago
    The SAME article two days in a row????
    One exception, today we get 10 points and yesterday it was the standard 5.
  • tommy b. 6 months ago
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