Live Green and Earn Points


  • Martha G. 3 months ago
    We compost. We turn off shower water when lathering up. No sense it running down the drain. We drive to our rural recycles 10 miles away with cardboard boxes and glass, cans and #1 and 2 plastics. We figure if everyone will just do a little. . . .
    Oh, and we unplug the modem at night. It makes me feel too electirical.
  • Maria M. 3 months ago
    the link to find a 'compost-collection point near you.' doesn't send me to a page that would help me find a point near me. i would like to know where i might take my compost to.
  • Colleen G. 5 months ago
    I got hooked on Norwex products a year ago and love them. I use very little detergent as it calls for 1 tsp. per laundry load or less. and with my cleaning cloths I only clean with water.
  • Patricia G. 7 months ago
    Well since I got hit last year and my car got totaled we are down to one car so our bills got less along with our air pollution.
    • Heather H. 7 months ago
      I hope you’re okay. How is it living with one car? Growing up, my family had only one. But these days, I’d have to get used to it again. I do like the idea of less insurance to pay and less maintenance costs. I don’t live close to public transportation, so, like many, we rely on cars.
    • Patricia G. 7 months ago
      It is hard having only one car. My two brothers live with me which means they have to make sure one of them can come and get me after work or take me to work or doctor appts (i.e. PT). For a week none of us had a car cause the truck wasn't running. Luckily it was over thanksgiving so I didn't have to beg for rides to much. My brothers truck has 400,000 miles on it so we are scared it will break down again. LOL. I don't live by public transportation either as I live in the country. I still pay the gas since my brother is driving me so much. He used to borrow my car cause of the age of his truck. My other brother is trying to get one of his cars running and that might happen next month. Once I get paid I can have them look for a car for me. It is harder and harder to find standard transmission used cars for some reason.
  • JC G. 7 months ago
    Look at who you're giving your money to when you buy something.
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