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  • Amy C. 8 years ago
    Very valuable information about recycling pizza boxes....or not.

  • Steve S. 9 years ago
    So I have read many places that say put you pizza box in your compost. The grease isn't as bad as originally thought and the cardboard and little leftover food works well with compost. Please let me know!!! This post was dated 2 years ago so just wanting an update.
  • Patricia C. 9 years ago
    So what about the fact that we put our paper and cardboard in with all the other recyclables? I try to wash cans, ect., and what about shredded paper? Patt
  • Pirvu G. 9 years ago
    Can someone point me where to find some <a href="">pizza hut coupons</a>?
  • James B. 9 years ago
    Information for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania EXCERPTED from:

    [It mentions food-soiled paper, but not food-soiled cardboard. I'm still confused.]

    what you can recycle:
    Orange juice cartons, milk cartons, juice boxes, soup boxes, ice cream cartons, and more
    Mixed Paper:
    Newspaper, magazines, mail (junk and personal), phone books, food boxes (remove plastic liner), computer paper, flyers, wrapping paper (no foil or plastic wrap), soda and beer cartons (no food-soiled paper, please!)

    What you can't recycle:
    Mixed Paper:
    Hard back books, tissues, paper
    towels, napkins, wax-coated cups or
    containers, food-soiled paper, file folders
    • Susan S. 7 years ago
      So what in the world is wrong with old fashioned manila file folders? This is getting to be prima donna about recycling. Make things so difficult & picky, your compliance/cooperation will drop from minimal to zero.
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