Live Green and Earn Points


  • NEIL K. 9 years ago
    leased a Nissan leaf
  • Judy F. 9 years ago
    Good Ideas
  • Judy F. 9 years ago
    Good Ideas
  • Wayne and Colleen A. 9 years ago
    Most every home has a regular household outlet and every electric vehicle can use one to recharge. There are special higher power outlets that recharge faster but are not needed for an overnight recharging.
    I have driven my homebuilt Electric S10 for over 4 years and love every moment of my daily errands and commute.
    The average monthly cost increase of my electric utility bill is usually less than $8.00 a month, which is about the same cost as running a refrigerator for a month.
  • james and Ella Mae j. 9 years ago
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