Live Green and Earn Points


  • Christina W. 1 year ago
    In Girl Scouts, we made fire starters by putting dryer link in the cardboard egg cartons and pouring melted wax over them.
  • Marie W. 3 years ago
    Local farmers/chicken raisers are ALWAYS in need of good/clean egg cartons. At the recycle bins people will place them in a bag hanging from the bin door- they don't stay there long.
  • joanna l. 4 years ago
    I try to buy cardboard ones to recycle, but if I do happen to buy the Styrofoam ones, then I bring a half dozen hard boiled eggs in them to work for snacks
  • Bonnie S. 8 years ago
    Can use the foam cartons to mix olive oil and herbs to freeze for recipe use.
  • Nichole G. 8 years ago
    LOVE these Ideas. I have a bunch of paperboard ones. SOME may get recycled, others will be turned into seed starters for herbs for my daycare kids to take home.
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