Live Green and Earn Points


  • Darrel R. 5 years ago
    Put a used sheet in clothes drawers, especially those that are not opened often. Keep in gym, tennis, backpacks, and other bags. Put inside shoes to help them keep fresh.
  • Rachel G. 5 years ago
    I try to limit what I print, but I'm printing this out and putting it right by my dryer, so that I'll be reminded to not just throw them out and try to give (at least some of them) a new life.

    At least until I run out, then my plan is to just use my spiky balls (like Barbara S's wool balls).
  • becky p. 6 years ago
    I have used, used dryer sheets with water to scrub a stain out of carpet.
  • Barbara S. 6 years ago
    I use wool balls to dry my clothes in the dryer. They work great - no need to waste money on dryer sheets.
  • Donna C. 6 years ago
    I've been trying to cut down on drier sheet usage. I like the unscented ones though, so not sure if some of the ideas only work if they are scented.
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