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11 Ways To Use Coffee Grinds After You Get Your Liquid Fix

By CanarsieBK |
Once the coffee is made and the grinds are used, don't toss them away. Reuse them. Here are 11 ways that you can.

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Over 100 million Americans drink coffee daily. That's a lot of grinds to use.

According to PBS , " More than half of all Americans over the age of 18 -- 107 million people -- drink coffee daily. On average, U.S. coffee drinkers consume three and a half cups a day apiece."

Once the coffee is made and the grinds are used, don't toss them away. Reuse them. Here are 11 ways that you can.

Facial Mask

It's not easy or cheap to look pretty, so mix up those coffee grinds with some egg whites and you have yourself a nice facial mask.

If you don't have any egg whites, then just rub the grinds into your skin, let sit for a few minutes and rinse off. It will help to rejuvenate your skin.

Clean Up Oily Dishes
After you get done cooking that big family meal, sprinkle some coffee grinds into the oily pots and pans. They will help to soak up the oil and make cleaning the dishes much easier.

Remove Odor from Hands
When your done with the dishes, scrub your hands with some coffee grinds to help remove any strong odors such as fish.

Deter Ants

Americans might love their coffee, but ants don't. If you are having an ant problem, sprinkle some of the coffee grinds around the area. The ants won't cross that line of grinds.

Touch Up Wood Furniture
If you have wood furniture that has some scratches rub in some coffee grinds with a Q-Tip. As when you apply any kind of paint or stain, check a small area first.

Use to Fertilize Your Plants
Mix up the coffee grinds into your soil for a natural fertilizer. You can sprinkle it on the soil before rain or watering, dilute with water and pour onto plants or mix it right into the soil when starting out.

Deter Pests From Your Garden
Keep cats and other pests from using your garden as their personal bathroom by sprinkling grinds around the garden beds.

Absorb Odors
Put dried out grinds into a sachet or small cotton bag and hang to help absorb odors.

Deodorize Your Freeze
You can also put them in the back of your freezer to help deodorize it.

Make Ice Cubes
Put the grinds into an ice cube tray with some water and freeze. The next time your coffee is too hot, pull some of the coffee ice cubes. You'll cool down your coffee without diluting it.

If you are not a coffee drinker and still want to use the grinds for some of the above mentioned, hit up your local cafe and ask them. Most usually give away their grinds for free to people.

These are a just a few uses. What are some of your other favorites?

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  • Rosanne O. 5 years ago
    The last comment will leave coffee grinds floating in your coffee. Better just freeze the coffee in trays instead.
  • Joyce and Ken R. 5 years ago
    The used coffee grounds worked great for discouraging my cat to use flower bed as litter box. Also tried the grounds as skin exfoliant..results were good, but I haven't found a less messy way to do this yet. Thanks for tips!
  • Andrew G. 5 years ago
    Thank you for the great ideas.....
  • Billee S. 5 years ago
    I sprinkle the coffee grounds on the soil in the flowerbeds and garden area. I also put the egg shells in the garden and flowerbeds when I cook with eggs...
  • Kathie D. 5 years ago
    When I read the ingredient list for the high priced cellulite remedies, I continued to see caffeine listed so I tried used coffee grinds and lo and behold, it works. Try it! You'll like it!
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