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The 100% Natural and Biodegradable Jute Shaker Dog Toy

By Trish Smith |
Need an eco-friendly dog toy for that lovable big dog of yours?

Need an eco-friendly dog toy for that lovable big dog of yours?

I’m always on the lookout for a good chew toy for my big puppy Fausto. He just turned a year old, but he’s already bigger (and much louder) than my cute pug Isabella. He’s also still in his “chewing” stage of life, so any toy, stick or Frisbee that is given to him is torn to shreds in a matter of minutes. What’s left of the toy is usually thrown away, and that always makes me feel like I’m adding to the waste stream.

So I made it my mission to find Fausto (a Border Collie/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix) a fetch-worthy and chewable dog toy that would last a long time, as well as not create a lot of waste when it was demolished. Lucky for me I happened to stumble upon the Australian Jute Shaker dog toy while I was in TJMaxx!

What’s so cool about the Jute Shaker (besides the name)? Here are a few facts about the toy:

  • It’s made from 100% renewable resources
  • It’s covered in 8 layers of jute (burlap) plant fiber
  • The center contains a bean-filled bamboo shoot that rattles when shaken
  • The toy is 100% biodegradable, so it won’t create more landfill waste

Okay, so it looks cool and it’s eco-friendly, but would Fausto like it? Take a look for yourself.

Here’s Fausto taking his first bite of the Jute Shaker. No complaints so far, just excessive gnawing.

He liked it so much that he carried it inside and onto the bed.

He had it firmly planted in his mouth like this for the next 2 hours.

Fausto knew that the Jute Shaker wasn’t appropriate for small dogs, so he had to chew it in front of Isabella’s face. The pug is not amused.

As you can see Fausto absolutely loved the Jute Shaker, and I love the fact that it’s still intact after one week! I would definitely recommend this to all you big dog owners who need a good chew toy

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