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10 Ways to Be Green as Told by Your Favorite Holiday Movies

By Recyclebank |

Our favorite holiday movies are all about family, generosity, and living green.

There are many reasons to love holiday movies. They’re a tradition. They make the season feel festive. They make us feel warm and fuzzy with their messages of family and generosity. And if you look closely, they’re also loaded with green tips. Happy holidays from Recyclebank!

  1. Save energy this season. Turn down the heat and layer up!

  2. Skipping the shower won’t make you popular, but it will save time and water. Besides, you’ve got all the friends you need.

  3. Reusable bags don’t just save the planet; they’ll also save you from some shopping embarrassments.

  4. Magic is definitely a form of alternative energy. Try hitching a ride with Rudolph. (But you might want to find a different option for the rest of the year.)

  5. When the weather outside is frightful, turn up the heat by feeling the beat.

  6. Cut down on waste by keeping your wrapping under control, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

  7. When shipping gifts, use newspaper instead of packing peanuts to protect your fine, Italian goods.

  8. Using leftovers from holiday feasts can help you reduce food waste and tap into your creative side.

  9. Travel is stressful. Stay home this year and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  10. Let’s be honest: everyone re-gifts. Reduce waste by reusing instead of buying. The trick is to spruce it up so no one knows.

Put all of these tips into practice and you’ll be feeling like this.

Can you think of a green message in your favorite holiday movie? Share it in the comments below!

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