Live Green and Earn Points


  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    I love our woodburning stoves built in to the fireplaces when the house was built. However, being the only one tending them, I now have mild COPD. So, that is not something I can any longer do. Sad, because we have our own wood lot and it has been good to be able to help two guys who need the work. Health has to be my priority now.
  • Terri P. 6 years ago
    Unless it's a solar calculator you already have or need for difficult calculations, likely not done on the back of an envelope. I love wood burning fire, but wood is also a resource and emits pollution, so the trade-off between wood burning and other types of furnace may not be so clear. Natural gas burns cleaner than wood for instance.
  • lisa m. 6 years ago
    old school stuff beats everything. Sorry i am a sucker for old school ways, even technology!!!!
  • Debra B. 6 years ago
    Yes, we do many of the above. hang laundry out although i have to admit, the scratchy towels are not always a favorite...Still use an old fashioned pencil sharpener with the many adjustable holes and hand crank. Bought when my kids were little and used all these years..they are now 23 and 27! In fact my mom still has hers in the garage and was used by 5 of us kids...still works and I am 55! Lol! I also use a hand can opener and a fly swatter. Old but tried and true!
  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    Just dug out my antique HAND coffee grinder. Now I need to do research about cold water coffee. I hope that is not a joke.
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