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  • Katherine M F. 4 years ago
    I use my used wooden chopsticks to mark planting lines in my vegetable garden Also to attach the veggie packets so I know what I planted in each row.. I've also used them to support plants before transfer to larger pots or my garden. When they begin to rot away, they're added to the compost bin!
  • Laura L. 5 years ago
    Can we please start a petition to ask the Chinese restaurants that have disposable chopsticks to offer reusable ones? 25 million trees a year is very dangerous, we won't have forest left pretty soon and the pandas won't have any habitat. Also let's start a petition to send to Asian restaurants here in the U.S. to offer reusable chopsticks to their dine-in guests. Reading about it just makes me upset, we need to do something or else this is time wasted and we become part of the problem. And re-purposing projects doesn't put the CO2 filtering trees back in the ground. :(
  • vernyce d. 5 years ago
    i tried to see the visuals unsuccessfully ;(
  • Christina W. 9 years ago
    I really like the wine holder, but the dress? well.. sometimes it's all in the intent I guess!
  • Nadira P. 9 years ago
    cool way to recycle chopsticks.
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