Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jen D. 3 years ago
    I keep a list of leftovers on my phone as well as a weekly menu, plus a menu in my planner. I've just switched to grocery shopping every other week to save on food waste, gas, and time. I am also buying less food, prepping veggies, and immediately freezing extras that won't be used up in a reasonable time. I save all jars and containers to use for freezing soup, etc. I make broth from bones and vegetable trimmings.
  • joanna l. 3 years ago
    The freezer is your best friend for preventing waste. Mark and date everything clearly and keep and inventory of what you have.
  • June S. 3 years ago
    Cooking for one person is a little difficult, especially after so many years cooking for a family of 5. I save pretty much all of my leftovers, even if a very small amount. I put a removable sticker on every jar or container labeling the contents and the date before I put it in the fridge or freezer. All my leftover veggies will eventually wind up in a pot of vegetable soup or stew. Leftover meats get used up in soup or in another new dish. Leftover casseroles become lunch or dinner another day. I made lasagna yesterday, and 2/3 of it went home with my daughter to feed her and her roommates. The rest will serve as my lunch or dinner tomorrow. When I buy produce, I opt for "loose" veggies and fruit instead of a 5# (or bigger) bag. I buy bananas one or two at a time. Lettuce was a problem for a while - the bags seemed to get slimy almost overnight and a head of lettuce takes a while for me to eat. But I discovered if I remove the core from the head of lettuce, put a paper towel in the bottom of a glass container and then put the head of lettuce inside and place another paper towel on top before putting on the lid, the lettuce stays good for a couple of weeks. I change the paper towels every time I use any of the lettuce.
    • joanna l. 3 years ago
      I have the same problem with the lettuce. My mom used to wrap it up in paper toweling, too. It works like a charm! Also, I try to plan different types of salad each night to use it up (waldorf one night, tuna another...)
  • Maria R. 7 years ago
    Maria R
    I love these ideas. Great reminder to make full use of what you've got
  • YING J. 8 years ago
    love it
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