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  • Susan Z. 8 years ago
    The cans you are showing are made from aluminum, there made from steel. My father worked for American can company years ago and was taught about the process of making cans including soda cans *which are made from aluminum. Since my can open opens the can safely with no sharp edges. I spray painted them and created a ghost, scarecrow, witch, Frankenstein, mummy and the Tin man for the kids next door as a Halloween treat with 6 miniature candy bars inside, Next year they can use them to decorate the=ir house. For Christmas I want to make more to use as gift boxes for the gift cards.
  • Robert K. 8 years ago
    Great ideas, thanks!
  • marie l. 8 years ago
    Throughout the year we save our large coffee cans. For holiday gifts we make my mother's famous Pumpkin Bread recipe, baked in the cans. They make an amazing domed appearance and the the top crust is heavenly. Wrapped and tied with a bow and a sprig of holly they are a favorite gift to give to our family and friends and a special way to remember my Mom.
  • Jamie D. 8 years ago
    Musical instruments!!!! Tin can band.
  • Sue W. 8 years ago
    Great ideas and will use them often. Thanks everyone!
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